Eric Dunlap


X-Wing 2017 Store Championships

I finally decided to get out of the house and play with some new people, so I figured a small store championship would be a good start. We had 16 players and did 4 rounds of matchups with final placement based on scores. I didn't really have high hopes since I haven't played a whole lot lately, but ended up doing a lot better than expected.

My list:

Rey (YT-1300)

  • Veteran Instincts
  • Finn
  • Kanan Jarrus
  • Engine Upgrade
  • Millennium Falcon (HotR version)

Norra Wexley (ARC-170)

  • Push the Limit
  • R2-D2
  • C-3PO
  • Alliance Overhaul
  • Vectored Thrusters

Round 1: vs. Norra/Thane/Biggs/Rex

This match didn't go so well. I managed to take out Biggs, but thanks to Rex it just took way too long and I couldn't get much damage on the other ships. My opponent did an excellent job flying his ships in formation, and Norra got focused down pretty quickly and Rey soon after. I'll call this one a warm-up match as I haven't really played much lately.

Loss, 26-100

Round 2: vs. Manaroo/Fenn/Teroch

Seeing Fenn and Teroch in some nice formation flying with Manaroo left me a little scared right out of the gate. My opponent's flying fell apart, lots of self-bumps and not quite getting the placement he wanted. This ended up being a fairly easy match with lots of range 2 shots from both Norra and Rey.

Win, 100-0

Round 3: vs. Soontir/Quickdraw/Sabacc

This match started with an almost-fatal shot to Soontir that brought him down to 1 hull. Norra then got focused down pretty quick again, thanks to a nice 5-die range 1 attack from Sabacc. I figured I wanted no more of that, and returned with a range 1 shot from Rey to one-shot him off the board. I then cleaned up Quickdraw 2 rounds after that. The rest of the match I spent chasing Soontir and his 12-foot tall stack of tokens around the board, but eventually got a range 2 shot to finish off that one last hull point.

Win, 100-41

Round 4: vs. Dash/Miranda

Another match, another focus-fired Norra. I haven't played much against bombs, however, so this match was a good learning experience. Norra getting focused, however, means a full health Rey to clean up. I pulled off the win here just in time; one more round and I would have flown through at least a few cluster mines.

Win, 100-41

All said and done, I placed (well, tied for) 3rd out of 16 players and left with some nifty range rulers in addition to the promo cards that everyone got.

Pilot Cards

X-Wing Pilot Card Template

Here's my Photoshop template for custom alternate art pilot cards.

Pilot Cards

Download Now!

Disclaimer: You'll need some basic knowledge of how to work Photoshop to use this template. You'll need to adjust some things here and there for the final product to look right.

Things of note:

  • The template is 822x1122 pixels at 300 DPI. That's 2.5x3.5 inches plus 36 pixels around the edge for bleed area since I'm going to be printing mine with MakePlayingCards. If you don't need the extra bleed area, you can resize the canvas to 750x1050.
  • Actions and upgrades. The boxes behind these icons will need to be resized with the shape tool depending on how many and what icons you're using. For upgrades, you can add 50 px for each additional icon. For actions, the size of the icons varies so just adjust the box to your liking.
  • I've included 4 different color options for the bottom set of stats. You can use whatever matches your artwork, or one color for Imperials and another for Rebels, or whatever suits your fancy.
  • I've also included separate layers for the attack symbol so you can easily switch between the regular and turret primary or alternate firing arcs.

This template is free to use, but if you like it, consider buying me a coffee!

Required fonts: ZIP Download (temporarily unavailable)


Grim was the world and grey last night:
The moon and stars were fled,
The hall was dark without song or light,
The fires were fallen dead.
The wind in the trees was like to the sea,
And over the mountains’ teeth
It whistled bitter-cold and free,
As a sword leapt from its sheath.

The lord of snows upreared his head;
His mantle long and pale
Upon the bitter blast was spread
And hung o’er hill and dale.
The world was blind, the boughs were bent,
All ways and paths were wild:
Then the veil of cloud apart was rent,
And here was born a Child.

The ancient dome of heaven sheer
Was pricked with distant light;
A star came shining white and clear
Alone above the night.
In the dale of dark in that hour of birth
One voice on a sudden sang:
Then all the bells in Heaven and Earth
Together at midnight rang.

Mary sang in this world below:
They heard her song arise
O’er mist and over mountain snow
To the walls of Paradise,
And the tongue of many bells was stirred
in Heaven’s towers to ring
When the voice of mortal maid was heard,
That was mother of Heaven’s King.

Glad is the world and fair this night
With stars about its head,
And the hall is filled with laughter and light,
And fires are burning red.
The bells of Paradise now ring
With bells of Christendom,
And Gloria, Gloria we will sing
That God on earth is come.

NOEL by J. R. R. Tolkien

The Dawning

The Dawning

“Laughter can be better than food. We must make time to celebrate, even when we are surrounded by Darkness. Or we lose hope. And hope is important: it brings us together and keeps us marching through the freezing cold."

  • Eva Levante, The Dawning 2016