Back in May of this year, version 3.0 of Castro for iOS was released. The timing was perfect, as I had been wanting for some time to pare down and minimize the monumental number of podcasts that I'm subscribed to in Overcast. As I've been using Overcast for a few years now, moving to a different app isn't easy. I've tried with a couple other apps before but none of them stuck. Castro, however, did. It works incredibly well for how I listen to podcasts. There are a few that I listen to every single episode of, and a lot that I pick and choose from here and there. Castro's inbox/triage system works great for this and keeps things simple. Sleep timer, playback speed, and other controls on the player page are very handy and easy to access when they need to be changed. The GUI itself and how you interact with the app is very intuitive and also has some haptic feedback that's quite satisfying. After a few months of use, it looks like I'll likely be sticking with Castro full time. The only thing that's really missing is an iPad app, but I find myself using my iPad for podcasts less often these days so it's not a big issue.